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Like everyone else, I am a continual student of life.  Change is inevitable but the way we handle it can be divine with some acceptance and a good sense of humour.  

Over the last 20 years,  yoga has helped me heal physical discomfort and taught me a way of life that is inclusive, connected and open hearted.

This experience is my inspiration to continually learn the realms of yoga therapeutics, meditation, and holistic nutrition. 

My goal is simply to share this knowledge in hopes that those around me may feel more alive and healthy each day.



Tracey Grebinsky is a Canadian yoga teacher currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Movement has always been a way of expression in relation to life for Tracey.  Growing up a jazz and ballet dancer, progression into yoga as a young adult seemed natural course.  

 Not only did yoga help rehabilitate the physical discomforts from dance, it’s philosophy, postures and insights allowed her a deeper connection with the world.  

Upon moving to Beijing, China in 2001, her personal yoga practice became a stable space in a constantly changing new world.  Practice was her way to stay healthy mentally and physically during demands of a busy career and expat lifestyle. This reliable approach  carried her on to Istanbul, Turkey in 2008 where she resides still.  Over the last 20 year journey consisting of thousands of miles,  yoga is the constant healer in her life.  She can always find a sense of ‘home’ on her mat in silence.

Wanting to share the empowering qualities of yoga and a healthy lifestyle, Tracey obtained  500 RYT Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification with a Therapeutic approach under the guidance of her teacher Hart Lazer.  She also holds certification in Restorative Yoga under Cindy Lee;  a Bachelor of Alternative Systems of Medicine from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines; and is completing her Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health certification with The Academy of  Natural Health Sciences.  

Tracey offers her students a healing space to be with themselves.  Her classes consist of graceful sequencing, time for meditation and breathing, and guidance into the subtleties of the human body. Her approach is compassionate, patient and encouraging leaving the student strong and centered. 

Our modern day world is full of demands, Tracey understands the importance of not only taking a moment to ‘catch our breath’, but also how breath and movement in a more conscious way will vitalize you throughout your life’s journey.  



Lessons & Training

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.


Private Instruction

Just for you..

Our Private sessions will create a personal practice tailored specifically to you.  

Together we assess and improve areas such as postural realignment, muscular/skeletal discomfort, chronic tension release, anxiety and depression, clarity of mind and basic meditation. It is an opportunity for us to create a unique practice suited to your needs and lifestyle for today and into tomorrow. 

As each day is unique like you, these practices can vary from vigorous sequences to restorative asanas with breath and meditation.


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Contact me to find out more.  Let's work together to live a more energetic and dynamic life.


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